Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 0
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 1
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 2
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 3
Master Keith Trains Her Pussy 4

Master Keith has decided it is time Slave Danielle had her pussy fisted. But before he can do that he has to stretch it! He begins with a pump up dildo, and laughs as he sees how much he can blow that up! Then to top everything off, there is a lava lamp, what will he do with that?

Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 0
Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 1
Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 2
Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 3
Gas Mask & Strap On Humiliation 4

Double Domme fun with Mistress Demonic who catherizes her slave as he pisses too much. Not wanting to be left out of the fun her friend joins in, and uses her strap on to fuck the female slave.

Leanne's Interview 0
Leanne's Interview 1
Leanne's Interview 2
Leanne's Interview 3
Leanne's Interview 4

Transvestite Leanne has been sent by her Mistress in the USA to England. Once there she is to get herself a job and send what she earns back to her Mistress. Leanne buys a newspaper and begins to job hunt and she thinks she may have found one that will suit her perfectly, it's in Customer Satisfaction.. But this job is not all it seems! Leanne secures herself an interview and meets Mistress Demonic for the 1st time (It wont be her last either!)... Leanne is overjoyed and calls her Mistress, she feels something is not quite right with this job, but beggers can't be choosers and a job is a job ...

In the follow up *Leannes First Day* you will soon see what happens!

Caning of Carol 0
Caning of Carol 1
Caning of Carol 2
Caning of Carol 3
Caning of Carol 4

 Slave Carol is put in a pillory and tied up for a severe spanking and caning from Master Keith.

Bells, Swing and Flames! 0
Bells, Swing and Flames! 1
Bells, Swing and Flames! 2
Bells, Swing and Flames! 3
Bells, Swing and Flames! 4

Master Keith has decided to have some fun with Slave Ana, he humiliates her by hanging some bells to her pussy piercings. But thats obviously not all where Master Keith is concerned... He hangs a chalice from her pussy piercings and lights it, she has no choice but to swing it back and forth!

Master's First Day with Slave J... 0
Master's First Day with Slave J... 1
Master's First Day with Slave J... 2
Master's First Day with Slave J... 3
Master's First Day with Slave J... 4

Master Keith has a new slavegirl, and today is her 1st day so the training begins... What with mousetraps on her nipples and heavy bondage, she soon realises she had better conform!

Mistress Danhella's Electric Slavegirl 0
Mistress Danhella's Electric Slavegirl 1
Mistress Danhella's Electric Slavegirl 2
Mistress Danhella's Electric Slavegirl 3
Mistress Danhella's Electric Slavegirl 4

Mistress Danhella has left Slave Rhiannon in the cage for a while, but now she is going to let her out and have some fun with the slave. Firstly she ties her to the whipping bench, pulls down the girls panties and spanks her cute arse, a flogger is used next, then a paddle, a crop, and finally a cane which makes Rhiannon yelp in pain, but its not over yet... It's on to the rack and out comes the violet wand which Mistress uses with great effect! Mistress then takes the girl to the shower room where she pisses on her.

Leanne's Punishment 0
Leanne's Punishment 1
Leanne's Punishment 2
Leanne's Punishment 3
Leanne's Punishment 4

It would seem Leanne did not satify Simon at all, and of course he complained to Mistress Demonic... Back in the Dungeon Lizzie and Petra laugh and taunt Leanne with "You cant even suck cock properly" ...Mistress arrives and sends the ladies off for champagne while she deals with the hapless Leanne, it's over the whipping bench after a torrent of verbal and Leanne is caned, paddled and gagged...

Piggie Pervert's Electro Tickle 0
Piggie Pervert's Electro Tickle 1
Piggie Pervert's Electro Tickle 2
Piggie Pervert's Electro Tickle 3
Piggie Pervert's Electro Tickle 4

 Piggie Pervert is getting an electro session he won't forget.

His Flying Gimp 0
His Flying Gimp 1
His Flying Gimp 2
His Flying Gimp 3
His Flying Gimp 4

 The Gimp has been tied up and suspended with clamps and weights on her nipples and her pussy.


 He ties her up with chains to the ceiling and let's her hang around.