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Ms Montana is heartily sick of Bekki, she is untidy, her uniform a disgrace and she is so rude and cheeky. Ms Montana decides to report her to HeadMaster.. And of course he is not happy, he was enjoying his lunch, but reprimand he does so along with Ms Montana who points out the girls uniform is wrong, her panties are a thong she has high heels not and nothing is regulation !!... HeadMaster is standing for none of this and takes Becki and locks her in a cupboard ... He leaves her there for a while to think about the error of her ways ...She is let out and made to crawl to the classroom where HeadMaster then puts her over his knee and gives her arse a sound spanking and paddling, she is made to stand with her hands on her head before receiving another hard paddling then its over the desk for a strapping, her arse is soon glowing !! A good hard tawsing and cropping follow ...........