E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  0
E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  1
E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  2
E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  3
E.Vie's Doggy Punishment.  4

Ms E.Vie has been having problems with her slave dog so she has taken him along to enlist the help of Mistress Danhella... It seems the naughty dog is pissing all over the place and wont behave itself...  His cock and balls are tied up and Ms E.Vie tramples on them, he is made to play fetch with a cane, lap water from a dog bowl, he begs ... They put him on the rack and a violet wand is used on his cock and ballswhich are then chined up and heavy weights added before the violet wand is turned up and used again. . . . . Candles are then lit and both mistresses drip hot wax all over his cock and balls. The Mistresses leave him for a while and return only to get the violet wand out again and light the candles this time dripping the hot wax not only on his cock and balls but all over his nipples and chest.... Of course they don't stop there, but rest assured the dog is made to howl ...