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Pretty Slavegirl Charlie is on the cross when Master Keith arrives and takers her down telling her to go and get changed and fetch Slave Rhiannon to him ... The slavegirl dutifully obliges and once back in the dungeon Rhiannon is made put her head under Masters throne while he spanks her bottom, then she has to worship her feloow slaves shoes, feet and legs. Then Charlie makes Rhiannon play 'Fetch ' like a puppy giggling at Rhiannon and having fun ...But its not over yet ..... Rhiannon is suspended by her ankles and wrists by Master and a gag added for good measure while Charlie flogs the gilrs pussy then pushes her to and fro using her feet!!... Master Keith then fingers the girl to orgasm and bites her tits, then he relases her arms and re-suspends her by her ankles, a candle is put in her pussy and lit and pegs put on her labia ....