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If you go down to the farm today.... yes you will find the Demonic one outside in the sun and obviously having fun with her two male slaves...

Mistress has left Slave Phoenix in the stable while she goes to deal with Slave Comet on route she picks some nice fresh stining nettles, comet is chained up to a vehicle in her yard and she begins by admonishing him and flogging him, she unchaines him and chases him up to the stables flogging his arse as he runs... A little later Mistress visits phoenix who is hooded in an empty barn, his arms chained above his head, he is in trouble for having sex with one of the Demonic ones female slave, she begins by flogging his cock and telling him off... A cock press and weights are put on his cock and she flogs him some more before adding nipple clamps and then paddling and caning his arse... And its not over yet !!!!!